Velvet Groom

I was enlisted to make the groom’s cake for my cousin’s wedding. He requested a naked red velvet. This what I came up with. 

I tried to use an intersting icing technique between the layers. I think I succeeded. On top, I added a sheet of fondant on the top each tier to make it look clean. Also, I added the same icing technique that was applied between the layers.    Candy pearls were used to incorporate the wedding colors, which were grey, black, red, and white. I was so excited to have the opportunity to make this cake. It took a lot of ingredients, time, and money but it was well worth it. 


Coral Crepe ‘n’ Paisley

I went fabric shopping yesterday. You know that feeling you get when you see a piece of fabric and have that epiphany moment? You know exactly what to do with it, can picture the end result, and have immense excitement. The paisley fabric you are about to see gave me that moment. I saw a maxi made from a similar fabric before so I knew this would look great! 

  It is simple, but cute. On to the next project…

Striped Chunky Cowl

I have been in the knitting mood lately.  As a result, I made a cowl for those cold, cold Georgia days. Maybe they don’t get Northern cold, but it  gets pretty chilly.   

Here is the pattern. 


Size 13 circular needles, 29in length

3 skeins Hometown USA 81 yds each (Super Bulky) 


1. Long Tail cast on 91. (A size smaller needle will make the ribbing tighter. I used the same size for the entire pattern.) 

2. Apply stitch marker, k2tog, *k1, p1 (repeat from * for 6 rows)

3. Knit around until the end of skein 1. About 13-14 rounds.  (Alternatively, end at stitch marker instead of running out mid-row.)

4. Add new color and knit around until the end of the skein 2. 13-14 rounds

5. Last, add remaining color. Knit 13-14 rounds. 

6.  *k1, p1 (repeat from * for 6 rows)

Cast off, weave ends through the cowl. 

Note-I am new to writing knitting patterns so please let me know if something doesn’t make sense. It is a simple pattern so I hope it is easily understood. 

Door Prizes!

My aunt hosted a scholarship
banquet in honor of my uncle who past away. All new and past recipients are supposed to attend. However, if a person cannot attend it is customary to send a donation.  My donation was a tote.  I decided to embroider a Bible verse on the front pocket.  My idea actually worked out the exact way that I pictured it.   

   The person who won this bag was grateful.  I heard she chose it over larger interesting items. Score one for me! I loved the color combination so much.  Honestly, I think my mom wanted to keep it but she handed it over anyway. 

The Bible verse fit well.  The two tones of Chevron made the pattern seem a little crazy which could be symbolic of anxiety.  Using a solid blue for the pocket shows stability which is where the verse is displayed.  Therefore, in the center of all the chaos is this explanation that God can handle your problems if you allow him.   I don’t know.  Maybe it’s a stretch or maybe it makes sense. Maybe it’s just a bag with the Bible verse on it.  Do you have another interpretation? I would love to hear it.  

Matching Maxi

Have you ever bought something because you like the colors but got home and realized it doesn’t match anything that you already
own? That is exactly what happened to me when I bought this shirt last year.  

 I never wore it because my khakis looked weird with it so what else do I wear. It then fell into the abyss. I recently decided to use as much of my fabric as I can, which will take me about 10 years. While going through the closet, I found some fabric that I hadn’t seen in a while but it was balled up with this T-shirt.  Then I remembered that I paired them together so I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to do.  Guess who forgot.

Because maxi skirts are so easy, I decided that’s what I would make.  Here it is!

The only thing that’s left to do is hem the bottom.  The hardest part of making this was straightening up the fabric before cutting it out.  It was horrible but worth it.  

It’s a shame that a project this easy sat in the closet for year because I forgot about it.  Good thing I felt the notion to have a sewing spree.

On to the next one! 

Novel Verve on Etsy! 

Check me out on Etsy to view my products.  So far I have chiffon scarves of multiple colors.  If you need a pop of color, place your order.  If you are looking for something in particular, message me and we can work it out.  New products will post soon so be on the lookout.  I’ll even give you 10% off with this code, NVWP10.  Here is the direct link- Novel Verve. Enjoy! 

Another bag!?

That’s right! It’s another bag.  But this time, it is a lunch bag.  I used Simplicity A1313.    

 The pattern seems to be discontinued but I will explain how it went in case some of you actually have it lying around.  

There are 5 pattern pieces for the main bag.  I used thermal fleece to keep food cold or warm.  I lined the pockets instead of leaving the inside just interfaced.  (I wouldn’t want to reach into a pocket to feel interfacing.) The whole bag is lined and that’s it.  It was ridiculously easy and not worth much explanation. 

There is a small snack bag pattern included that puzzles me.  The pattern consists of one piece and is even easier than the lunch bag.  I guess what gets me is putting food in a fabric bag.  I lined mine with clear vinyl just to be safe. 

I’ve seen these before.  They are cute but are they overrated?  I really don’t know.  Maybe it could be perfect for some fruit.  I tend to wash my plums, wrap in paper towel, and throw them in my lunch bag.  By lunch time, it is out of the paper towel and taste like mint (gum) or anything else it touched.   My containers seem to leak when I have fruit.  It’s inevitable! We’ll see if this helps. Although now the container juice will leak on the fabric pouch. Hmmm….waste of time, maybe? 

Did anyone catch that I said the next project was a pair of pants?  I am somewhat known as a procrastinator, non-finisher, or the ultimate ADD-er. I’ll have you know I actually made them but when projects take longer than a few movies, I move on until the motivation returns.  You can see as soon as I stitch the belt loops to the waistband, hem the legs, and sew the buttonhole.  I got that far! Check back soon.