Smoothie Bags and Cubes 

My biggest shopping day of the month just past.  The result…A Whole Lotta Fruit!  It was on sale and I can’t pass a great sale.  I planned on freezing it to be able to make smoothies.  I love smoothies but I hate removing multiple containers and bags from the freezer to make my combinations.  Therefore, I came up with a way to avoid the extra work.  I made smoothie bags. (I guess it was still a little work involved.)

First, I  washed and cut the fruit.  It was all placed on parchment paper, which was on top of a cookie sheet. (Wax paper would probably work better.  Place the entire cookie sheet in the freezer. Mine only stayed about an hour.Try to avoid skipping this step or your fruit will be smushed and mushy. 

Cut a food storage bag (Food Saver) at the 6in. mark.  That should be the 3rd mark on the side of the bag or one line visible in the middle.  Look just above my hand an you will see what I am referring to.

Cut the bag up the middle.

Using only the “seal” option on your Food Saver or other machine, seal one side of the bag.

Turn your bag and seal another side.  You should now have a bag that is open on one side. It should be about 5.5 x 6in.

I put a handful of fruit in my bags.  Make sure you leave enough of the bag hanging off the end so the machine can suck the air out.

Voila! Smoothie bags. Need another tip for making your smoothies taste great in less time?  Keep reading.

I like to think I am the queen of discounts.  If not, don’t burst my bubble.  Please let me believe.   I always find baby food that is marked down.  I like to by it and use it when cooking.  Admitingly, I like to eat the pureed peaches.  Don’t judge.  Their great!

These jars cost $.45.  When we saw them, my mom said, “You could use these in smoothies.” Her bright light bulb made mine brighten as well.  Since smoothies need that extra thickness and extra flavor is always great, I thought, “Why not make smoothie cubes?”

I poured/spooned the jars of food into ice cube trays and froze them.  Once they are completely frozen, they will be placed in future smoothie bags as a flavor boost.

Another suggestion is to freeze yogurt cubes.  The only thing you will need for your smoothie that isn’t frozen is juice or whatever liquid you use.  I hope this helps someone else because it surely helps me.  Let me know what you think.  I am also taking suggestions.


Day 6

Family Dollar had a clearance rack that had all kinds of clothing at a great low price. I managed to walk away with a maxi skirt for $6.25. It has shirring on the top and long splits on both sides of the bottom. My main focus was on the striped fabric. I lovvvve stripes!. On my mission to revamped the wardrobe, I decided to take on a new project.

photo 3

First I removed the shirred black portion of the dress. I then held the remaining stripes up to my hips for a little eyeball-measuring. Using my tailors chalk, I measured exactly where the side seam will be. I used the side seam on my jeans as a guide. I also used that time to measure where my hips met the existing seam.

photo 1

photo 5

After folding my skirt in half to avoid the need to transfer markings to the other half later, I used my yardstick to connect my two marks. Curve your line to compensate for curvy hips. If you are a more straight-up-and-down figure, don’t worry about the curve. Measure out 1/4 from that line. This will be your seam allowance.

photo 4-1

photo 3-1

photo 2-1

I cut along the last line that drawn.

photo 2-1

Pin the front to the back around the parts you cut. Serge or sew the front to back. This would be a great time to try on the skirt. You have the option of repeating the steps to reduce the size some more or continue to the end.

If you are using a serger, serge the waist. I folded down the waist about and 1.25 inches and pressed to make the casing. You would do the same depending on the width of your elastic. The easiest way to know is to place your elastic on top to make sure it will fit through.

photo 1-1

Straight stitch along the bottom edge of your casing, leaving a 2 inch gap. Feed your elastic through, sew the gap closed, and your done!

Black and Tan Striped Maxi Skirt