Day 17

The summer is coming to an end and I have to redeem myself for the lack post.

I’ve wanted a pair of palazzo pants for a while. I began drafting a pattern that was not horrible but could have been better. Recently I went to Walmart for a pair of white canvas shoes to work on another project. I ended up finding fabric and patterns. It’s funny how that is always the end result.

The fabric was nice and flowy, the pattern was perfect, and I was in the mood to sew. I used New Look 6271.



IMG_1215.JPG(You have a good view of my lack of flooring.)

Even though I cut a size smaller than recommended, they are still not flattering in the pelvic area but with the right shirt, they can be great. They also need to be ironed but try to overlook my laziness.


Day 10

It’s wedding season!  My family was invited to a wedding that is approaching soon.  I have better luck making my clothing than I do purchasing.  For this occasion I decided to make a dress.  I used McCall’s M6700. The pattern was easy to follow.  The only problem I had was turning the spaghetti straps.  I used the hair pin method found here.  It made it ten times easier than using the tool that is supposed to be a breeze.  Once the straps were flipped, the rest of the dress was made in no time. 



Summer of Selective Crafts

It’s official! I am out for summer break and I have a lot of ideas. Normally, at the end of each summer I realize that I need new clothes for the new school year but I never quite follow through with shopping. I also feel like there is so much else to accomplish but it never happens. So, I am going to get out of my own way and try to complete all of my projects that have been waiting on me. I am pretty sure an obstacle will jump in my path but I will attempt to make my way around.

Let’s get started…
Click on each day below to view my progress thus far.

Day 1- Butterfly Blouse
Day 2- Gauzy Tunic
Day 3- Stripping Furniture
Day 4- Repurposed Gold Bag
Day 5- Orange Earrings
Day 6- New Maxi Dress to New Maxi Skirt
Day 7- Miami Heat Birthday Cake
Day 8- Big Bag Fetish
Day 9- Double Strap Maxi
Day 10- Mack Wrap Maxi
Day 11- Bath Bombs
Day 12- Old to New Dresser
Day 13- Crochet Market Bag
Day 14- Circular Crochet Bag