My Plot Update

I was so excited about creating my little garden that I shared it with you sometime ago.  Since then, it’s been growing very well.  I have six varieties of tomatoes, eight varieties of peppers, and many herbs. This is what the tomato plot looks like. 
My peppers are nowhere near as tall as the tomato plot but I’ve already been able to pick some peppers.  Experienced gardeners don’t laugh at my twine experiment.  I wanted to see if tying twine into a plaid(ish) interlocking system would make it easier for the peppers to lean but not fall. So far it’s a success. 

As you can see in the back of the planter, I have a bucket that is growing shallots. My herbs are placed in the little holes of the cinderblocks. 

I used the lemon balm to make lemon balm tea, which is fantastic. And I’ve been using the purple basil for different dishes. I’m really anxious to get some of my peppers grown and picked because I want to make Peppersauce. I am also really anxious to get some tomatoes. 

Recently, we had a green zebra tomato that was nice and ripe.  We cut it just to give it a taste test and it tasted like it already had salt and pepper on it. My mom said it taste like a homegrown tomato because those that you get in the store are really bland. Because of the success with the green zebra tomato, I am anxious to now try the black Krim tomato. And I really want to hold the mortgage lifter.  According to the picture, you need to hands to hold it. Will see when they finally get bigger. 

I have three fig trees that I’m nursing. One has been nursed for two years now and I’m finally getting one piece of fruit. The others were clearance buys. I’m sure it’ll take them a while. 

I’m continuing in my quest to have a self-sustaining environment right outside of my house. My next mission is to try hydroponics to see how well I do or to see if it’s a waste of time.  

Anyway… This post was just to update you on my success. 


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