Door Prizes!

My aunt hosted a scholarship
banquet in honor of my uncle who past away. All new and past recipients are supposed to attend. However, if a person cannot attend it is customary to send a donation.  My donation was a tote.  I decided to embroider a Bible verse on the front pocket.  My idea actually worked out the exact way that I pictured it.   

   The person who won this bag was grateful.  I heard she chose it over larger interesting items. Score one for me! I loved the color combination so much.  Honestly, I think my mom wanted to keep it but she handed it over anyway. 

The Bible verse fit well.  The two tones of Chevron made the pattern seem a little crazy which could be symbolic of anxiety.  Using a solid blue for the pocket shows stability which is where the verse is displayed.  Therefore, in the center of all the chaos is this explanation that God can handle your problems if you allow him.   I don’t know.  Maybe it’s a stretch or maybe it makes sense. Maybe it’s just a bag with the Bible verse on it.  Do you have another interpretation? I would love to hear it.  

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