Matching Maxi

Have you ever bought something because you like the colors but got home and realized it doesn’t match anything that you already
own? That is exactly what happened to me when I bought this shirt last year.  

 I never wore it because my khakis looked weird with it so what else do I wear. It then fell into the abyss. I recently decided to use as much of my fabric as I can, which will take me about 10 years. While going through the closet, I found some fabric that I hadn’t seen in a while but it was balled up with this T-shirt.  Then I remembered that I paired them together so I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to do.  Guess who forgot.

Because maxi skirts are so easy, I decided that’s what I would make.  Here it is!

The only thing that’s left to do is hem the bottom.  The hardest part of making this was straightening up the fabric before cutting it out.  It was horrible but worth it.  

It’s a shame that a project this easy sat in the closet for year because I forgot about it.  Good thing I felt the notion to have a sewing spree.

On to the next one! 

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