Another bag!?

That’s right! It’s another bag.  But this time, it is a lunch bag.  I used Simplicity A1313.    

 The pattern seems to be discontinued but I will explain how it went in case some of you actually have it lying around.  

There are 5 pattern pieces for the main bag.  I used thermal fleece to keep food cold or warm.  I lined the pockets instead of leaving the inside just interfaced.  (I wouldn’t want to reach into a pocket to feel interfacing.) The whole bag is lined and that’s it.  It was ridiculously easy and not worth much explanation. 

There is a small snack bag pattern included that puzzles me.  The pattern consists of one piece and is even easier than the lunch bag.  I guess what gets me is putting food in a fabric bag.  I lined mine with clear vinyl just to be safe. 

I’ve seen these before.  They are cute but are they overrated?  I really don’t know.  Maybe it could be perfect for some fruit.  I tend to wash my plums, wrap in paper towel, and throw them in my lunch bag.  By lunch time, it is out of the paper towel and taste like mint (gum) or anything else it touched.   My containers seem to leak when I have fruit.  It’s inevitable! We’ll see if this helps. Although now the container juice will leak on the fabric pouch. Hmmm….waste of time, maybe? 

Did anyone catch that I said the next project was a pair of pants?  I am somewhat known as a procrastinator, non-finisher, or the ultimate ADD-er. I’ll have you know I actually made them but when projects take longer than a few movies, I move on until the motivation returns.  You can see as soon as I stitch the belt loops to the waistband, hem the legs, and sew the buttonhole.  I got that far! Check back soon.  

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