My Summer’s Almost Here

You can’t start to understand how I feel right now.  In one week, summer break will be here and I can take my time to do whatever I feel like.  I could actually break out in song like all the kids do the musicals and my favorite old cartoons from back in the day. I’m trying my hardest to contain it.  

For the time being I’ve been doing some sewing. The project that I’ve done in preparation for summer is to make a very basic silky halter.       

I’m pretty sure it’s not made of silk.  In fact , I don’t know what it’s made out of but it feels like a lining fabric and has much more drinks than the typical lining fabric.  It was a $2 a yard purchase so I don’t care what it is. Although you can’t tell from the picture , the fabric is actually navy blue with tan/brown zebra print.  That’s right…I’m one of those animal print fiends.  (Mostly zebra print though.) 

This shirt is relatively easy to make.  There are actually pleats around the gathered area.  That’s the gist of it.  Everything else is self-explanatory.  As easy as this was I still thought using a pattern would make it go much quicker.  I used Simplicity 6245.  It was one of those very inexpensive patterns that would take less than an hour to make so it was perfect for my first summer project.  

Now, on to the next one! 

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