French Inspired Tote

My shopping buddy (mom) found some interesting fabric during one of our shopping trips.  I have seen it in different types of fabric; such as burlap.  The print was cute but I was only able to purchase 1yard. What else do you do with a yard other than make another bag?  I used Butterick Waverly 5799 to make an oversized tote.  

The lining is a burnt orange. It matched well without looking Halloweenish. 

All went well until I had to stabilize the bottom with cardboard.  Now, for me, it I inevitable that the bag gets wet or spill comes from within.  Cardboard, as suggested in the pattern, would be the worst thing to have in the bottom but I couldn’t find any good plastic.  My fluorescent to work and I found a happy medium, duck tape.  The cardboard was cut to the correct measurements then covered with duck tape. 

All in all, the bag came out well.  I won’t make it often but I will make it again when that wears out since I will only use it for work. 

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