Preparing for Another Arctic Chill

It was so cold last week! I had so much school work to do but managed to get in a few projects to help me stay warm.

First, I made a beanie. I love how it turned out considering how last year’s hats came out. I didn’t have much luck with the knitting anything but scarves last year. I also avoided the signature swirl at the top of the hat that is typical of knitting closures.


I have to work on tightening the ribbing but other than that…success!

I then made two flannel scarves. They are so warm and cute. My boyfriend’s grandma gave me this flannel 2 years ago but I couldn’t figure out what to make. After finding pics of similar scarves, I knew what I had to do.


They’re about 21 in. wide and 2 yards long. The width provides perfect coverage.

The project I completed today is another hat. This one was my favorite until I finished. I am getting used to using double point needles to close the hat and it shows. I have bumps where I started to reduce stitches. The hat is still cute but will not be a gift as I originally planned.




The swirl exist at the top but I’m fine with it. It’s those blasted bumps that irritate me.

I’m proud of the amount of work I was able to compete in such a small window of time.

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