My New Friend!

I have had the best luck recently. During one of my many visits to the fabric store, I ended up talking to one of the ladies that work there. We talked about all the things that we like to make, what we want to make. We talked so much, others couldn’t help but join in on the conversation. Ultimately, she looked at some of the photos I shared, expressed how much she liked them, and offered me all of her jersey knit fabric. I didn’t hesitate. When I went back to pick up the fabric the next day I displayed a pair of pants that I made. She wanted to know the pattern number so I told her I would make sure to inform her during my next visit.

My mom and I took a trip to Walmart today. I grabbed the pattern to repay her for the bag of kindness. Little did I know, she wasn’t done! She sent me to her car to get more fabric that she’d purchased since our first/last meeting.

The best thing is that they aren’t even small amounts of fabric. She gave me at least 3-5 yards of each. This is going to help my sales at work because my co-workers have been waiting for items. It pays to be nice and conversation with everybody! Well maybe not everybody. 🙂

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