Day 12

Excitement is my feeling today. During my last trip to the thrift store, I saw a dresser that I fell in love with but felt it wouldn’t fit in the bedroom. I went home but continued to think about it. I decided to move some things around and had a revelation during the process. Get rid of the eyesore! I had a white leather chair that was too big for the room, blocking the path to the bed and bathroom. Once out, I had a new room. The room’s layout was great when purchasing the house but five years later…not so much. Anyway, my brother just happened to be going that way to drop off some old items and the dresser was still there. I couldn’t pass up a $25 dresser of this size so he picked it up.

We removed the hardware, sanded it down, gave everything a good coat of spray paint (the good stuff with primer included), and VOILA!

It suffered a couple nicks and bruises from the transfer to the room but I think I will wait out the fix to see if I want to antique it.

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