My Skin Care Regime

I have had a rough time with my skin in the a st few months. I partially blame the Mary ___ facial I had just before the horrible breakout. Luckily I searched in the right place. Color Me Beautiful! is a blog I came across that provides so many homemade recipes for skincare. The one that struck me first was the Lemon Honey scrub. Like so many ideas I thought it would not work. In fact, I tried it and finished with smooth skin from the olive oil. I liked that even if it never cleared away blemishes. I’ll admit that it took weeks, which was noted in the original post but when it starts, you notice! I wish I would have taken before picks because I would love for you to see the difference. Anyway, I added one thing to the process..fresh aloe. At bedtime, I rub on the scrub, wait, rinse, pat dry, and rub fresh aloe on my face.  After it dries, I go to bed. When I wake up, I wash my face to remove the dead skin then put on sunscreen. Works like a charm. Check out Color Me Beautiful! for some of the other tips offered. 

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