Day 3

I’ve had a nightstand that I purchased for $2.02 at a local thrift store. It sat in the garage for over a year. This was another purchase that I had high hopes for but procrastinated. As an attempt to complete my mission for the summer, I finally began the project.

This is what I started with.

and… Drumroll please!


A coat of paint that will not budge! I can actually live with it since I will be sanding and applying another coat of paint but I tried so hard to remove it.

This was my first attempt at chemical stripping a piece of furniture. I usually sand and paint but wanted to see first, if I could do it, second, if it comes out any different that the other method. I won’t know until I paint it. Off to figure out what color to use. Check back to see what I come up with in my upcoming days.

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