Summer of Selective Crafts

It’s official! I am out for summer break and I have a lot of ideas. Normally, at the end of each summer I realize that I need new clothes for the new school year but I never quite follow through with shopping. I also feel like there is so much else to accomplish but it never happens. So, I am going to get out of my own way and try to complete all of my projects that have been waiting on me. I am pretty sure an obstacle will jump in my path but I will attempt to make my way around.

Let’s get started…
Click on each day below to view my progress thus far.

Day 1- Butterfly Blouse
Day 2- Gauzy Tunic
Day 3- Stripping Furniture
Day 4- Repurposed Gold Bag
Day 5- Orange Earrings
Day 6- New Maxi Dress to New Maxi Skirt
Day 7- Miami Heat Birthday Cake
Day 8- Big Bag Fetish
Day 9- Double Strap Maxi
Day 10- Mack Wrap Maxi
Day 11- Bath Bombs
Day 12- Old to New Dresser
Day 13- Crochet Market Bag
Day 14- Circular Crochet Bag

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